We have teamed up with Casey Natural Health to provide a range of Complementary Therapies.

Geraldine Casey through BioKinesiology identifies and treats the root cause of numerous health issues and alleviates your symptoms. It works as a preventative, as well as a recovery from ill health. Emotional issues are also treated and released. Andromeda Bio-Resonance computer diagnostics system scans organs of the body and delivers frequencies to strengthen the body to heal. Here Geraldine explains further.


Many years ago, after a bad reaction to conventional medicine, I turned to
natural health and managed to get well. I weaned myself off prescription
medication for chronic arthritis, and have never looked back.
I am now delighted to be a qualified Biokinesiologist, helping others to get well
or preventing them from developing issues with their health.
As Biokinesiologists we treat the root cause of the symptoms which means you
recover from the health issue, rather than living with it and with the effects of
long term medication.
Some of the health issues we treat are: Gut problems, Food intolerances, Sleep
and Energy problems, Stress, Thyroid, Liver detoxification, Bacteria and
Viruses, Hormonal problems. The list is not exhaustive, so if I have not
mentioned your health issue it does not mean that issue cannot be treated.
I am also qualified to use kinesiology to identify and release Emotional
problems which are affecting your health and ability to live a happy life. The
beauty of this treatment is that you do not have to know or revisit any emotion
in order to release it. The body will guide me, through muscle testing, and
identify which emotion needs addressed at the time of treatment. It is then
released by a combination of rebalancing the limbic system, gentle clearing of
lymphatic fluid around the heart, eye rotations, tapping (EFT) etc. This is a
powerful technique which deals with issues from your subconscious.
I offer a computerised diagnostic and treatment system known as Andromeda
Bio-Resonance, for which I am a trained operative. The computer uses
inaudible vibrational signals via specialised two way headphones. These
headphones receive and send corrective frequencies to all the main cell types
in the body, thus strengthening the body to heal. The computer also scans for
numerous viruses and bacteria. I can instruct the computer to send a
frequency to depower virus/bacteria, if I feel that is necessary, or the
computer will identify a relevant homeopathic remedy to support the body in
its healing. I can then make this remedy for you, there and then and with my
knowledge as a Biokinesiologist, I can test if your body prefers this remedy
over a vitamin/mineral or vice versa, so you have a form of healing best suited
to you.
I feel, taking charge of your own health is empowering and shapes your future.

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